What we do

TerraTherm is the worldwide leader in the development and implementation of In Situ Thermal Remediation (ISTR) systems
  • We advise, design, build, and operate thermal remediation systems from concept to closure
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Services we provide

  • Thermal technology selection
  • Treatibility, bench and full-scale projects
  • Thermal project implementation
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Why thermal remediation?

  • Delivers robust, highly predictable results
  • Highly competitive costs
  • Minimal neighborhood impact with clean, quiet operations
  • Fits a wide variety of applications
  • Provides potentially huge increases in property value
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Why TerraTherm?

  • Completed over 50 projects on 5 continents
  • Experienced staff
  • Active safety culture with impressive record
  • Large fleet of tested and robust equipment
  • Has met 100% of client goals upon project completion
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Contact us to discuss your site applications

  • All organic contaminants
  • All soil types
  • Above and below the water table
  • Within fractured rock
  • Inside buildings, near infrastructure
  • Neighborhood friendly
  • Sustainable
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Is Thermal Remediation right for my Site?

You are always welcome to contact us if you have a contaminated site and we can help you evaluate if thermal soil remediation would be an option.

First, we do a screening of the site. Then, based on your site information we do a preliminary conceptual design and a cost indication.

Based on this, the design work can be undertaken as well as the final pricing of the remediation.

Questions? Want to get started with some pricing? Contact us or fill out our site feasibility screening form to begin.

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