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Commitment to Health and Safety

Safety is fundamental to TerraTherm's everyday culture.  Whether working in the office or at a project site, we are dedicated to operating and maintaining projects in a safe manner. 

Our Health and Safety Program is an integral part of each project.  Potential hazards and exposures are identified and managed through the performance of a site survey and by open communication with managing contractors and clients. 

We believe that even one on-the-job accident is not acceptable.  Safety is not just a policy, but rather an attitude that pervades every job we do.

Supporting our Goal of ZERO Incidents:

TerraTherm's safety program consists of a clear, concise set of policies and procedures, and accompanying training and processes that enhance employee knowledge and participation.

Experience Modification Rate:

TerraTherm's commitment to safety has earned us an Experience Modification Rate (EMR) of 0.92 for 2011/2012.  Our low EMR rating is attributed to the company's strong safety program and our experienced and dedicated employees.

Safety Orientation:

TerraTherm trains employees so as to reinforce the company's safety culture by outlining key safety rules - administered at initial hire and annually thereafter.

Regulatory Specific Training:

TerraTherm provides in-house ongoing employee training to meet or exceed regulatory requirements - topics such as powered industrial truck, HAZWOPER, electrical safety, hazardous energy control, fall protection, qualified rigger, confined space entry, and respiratory protection, among others.

Safety Committee Meetings:

TerraTherm managers, supervisors, field crew, and safety department members gather in an open forum to discuss safety - conducted biweekly to enhance communication among all levels of the organization, and all disciplines.

Incentive Program:

TerraTherm uses a Safety Incentive Program to reward employees for their safety-conscious efforts.  The program awards eligible employees with incentive items based on participation in weekly safety topic quizzes, near-miss reporting, and recognition and correction of potential compliance and safety issues.



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