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Expert Resources

If you have questions about thermal technologies or are working on challenging remediation problems at your site, our expert resources can help.

TerraTherm’s senior associates have extensive hands-on field experience and proven records as advisors to corporations, governmental agencies, standards committees and industry technical organizations. They are widely published, frequent presenters at conferences worldwide, and are available for presentations and problem solving.

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  • Dr. Ralph Baker, Soil Physicist (technology selection and optimal applications, QA/QC)
  • Dr. Gorm Heron, Environmental Engineer and Scientist (technology selection, design, oversight and implementation)
  • John Bierschenk, P.G., Geologist (contracting, cost estimation)
  • Jim Galligan, P.E., Mechanical Engineer (detailed design, cost estimation)

Other associates and leading experts available to provide advisory services as needed:

  • Dr. Myron Kuhlman, MK Tech Solutions (3D thermal modeling)
  • Dr. George Stegemeier, GLS Engineering (ISTD inventor and steam practitioner)
  • Dr. Gary Pope, University of Texas (ISTD development for new applications)
  • Dr. Bruce McGee, McMillan-McGee Corp. (ET-DSP™ practitioner)



TerraTherm Leadership Team Bios
Ralph S. Baker, Ph.D., Chief Scientist

Ralph S. Baker, Ph.D. is TerraTherm’s Co-Founder, Chairman and Chief Scientist.  As CEO of TerraTherm throughout its first decade, Dr. Baker led the company’s early development and application of the ISTD technology.  He continues to be a leader in the company’s business development and R&D efforts, and manages TerraTherm’s marketing and intellectual property programs.  Dr. Baker serves as a Principal-in-Charge and Technical Director on selected TerraTherm’s projects.  A soil physicist with over 35 years of experience, Dr. Baker has authored over 65 publications on in-situ remediation, including four books.  Dr. Baker led the development of three comprehensive Engineer Manuals written for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers on in-situ remediation: Soil Vapor Extraction (SVE) and Bioventing (1996); In Situ Air Sparging (1997); and Multiphase Extraction (1999). He has served as technical advisor to government and industry on many remediation projects.

John M. Bierschenk, P.G., President and CEO
John M. Bierschenk, P.G. is TerraTherm's Co-Founder, CEO and President.  Mr. Bierschenk has overall responsibility for general management of the company.  In addition, he serves as TerraTherm's Vice President of Operations and Contracting Manager.  Mr. Bierschenk is a registered Professional Geologist in Pennsylvania (USA), and holds a BS in Geology as well as an MBA.  He has 29 years of technical, strategic and business management experience in the environmental and energy businesses; working as an environmental consultant, general manager of a soil and groundwater remediation equipment company, and as an exploration geophysicist.

Gorm Heron, Ph.D., Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer
Gorm Heron, Ph.D. is TerraTherm's Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer.  Dr. Heron has 22 years of experience in the environmental engineering field, with 15 years in design and management of in-situ thermal remediation projects, focusing on the treatment of CVOC DNAPL sites in soil and fractured rock.  From 1997-2004, Dr. Heron served as Principal Environmental Engineer with SteamTech Environmental Services, Inc., where he designed, oversaw and operated six major Steam-Enhanced Extraction (SEE) projects.  Based in TerraTherm's Bakersfield, CA office, Dr. Heron provides technical leadership and oversight in the design and application of ISTR and combined ISTD/SEE/ET-DSP™ systems. He is also TerraTherm’s lead on international ISTD projects.
James P. Galligan, P.E., Vice President of Engineering
James P. Galligan, P.E.  is TerraTherm’s Vice President of Engineering. Mr. Galligan has over 20 years of experience with in-situ and ex-situ remediation system design, installation, operation and troubleshooting, including over 10 years experience with in-situ thermal treatment projects.  He has managed dozens of remediation projects from design and bidding through construction, start-up and operation.  Mr. Galligan has conducted numerous remedial technology pilot tests, feasibility studies and life-cycle cost evaluations.  He has extensive experience in cost estimating and health and safety management.  Mr. Galligan has been instrumental in each of the detailed remedial design and implementation efforts that TerraTherm has carried out.  




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