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"The Richmond Redevelopment Agency selected TerraTherm’s In Situ Thermal Desorption (ISTD) technology as the best value, lowest cost remediation alternative for its Terminal One Property remediation project. ISTD was compared against other in situ thermal remediation methods and excavation with off site waste disposal. We selected ISTD based on its guaranteed ability to achieve very low cleanup standards for all chlorinated solvent contamination, including vinyl chloride. TerraTherm’s ability to achieve residential cleanup standards translated into $5M of additional property value to the City of Richmond. The cleanup area was along the shore line, partially beneath a building, and below the groundwater table in very dense bay mud. The TerraTherm project team provided high value service, performed the project on time and within the fixed price budget. The City of Richmond is extremely pleased with the project outcome, as are our funding partners and insurance providers. The property can now be developed into residential condominiums."

-Mr. Gary Hembree
Richmond Redevelopment Agency
City of Richmond, CA

"This has been a very exciting project, and at the end of this, Richmond is going to have a beautiful site with brand new housing with fantastic views.  It's been very challenging technically, and this is the kind of project that makes people want to be an engineer.  It's been a great project that I'm very excited to have worked on."

-Dr. Alison Jones
Project Manager, formerly of Geomatrix Consultants

“As prime contractor for this project, CH2M HILL was satisfied with TerraTherm’s performance. The project was delivered without incident, on time, and on budget; furthermore, performance of their ISTD technology exceeded all projected cleanup goals. Realistically, a prime contractor could not ask for more when engaging TerraTherm as an agent for the facility.

TerraTherm project management was exceptional; the reference project was delivered on time and on budget. The ability of project mangers to adhere to schedule was clearly demonstrated following contract award. TerraTherm project managers negotiated construction and material procurement through Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years, without impact to the project schedule. System startup occurred within 1 day of the original project schedule developed in October; the single day slip, however, occurred at the request of CH2M HILL. System shutdown, a much more difficult metric to predict, was completed within 5 days of the projected date. The ability of TerraTherm staff to tightly adhere to the project schedule, particularly over three of the year’s busiest holidays, was commendable.”

-Bill McElroy, P.E., C.G.W.P, Senior Project Manager and Jason Cole , Ph.D., P.E.,
Project Engineer

"TerraTherm - the firm contracted by USAID to design and implement the remediation strategy for this Project -- is one of America's most exciting new firms."

Donald Steinberg, Deputy Administrator, USAID, in Hanoi, May 8, 2012, explaining USAID's award to TerraTherm for the Danang Airport Remediation Project In Vietnam

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"ISTD using conductive heating is an appropriate innovative technology for "hot-spot" remediation of source zone areas where other conventional technologies pose unnecessary health and safety risks to remediation workers and the surrounding communities ... I find TerraTherm to be an excellent company that apply innovative and creative solutions to some of the most difficult remediation projects involving recalcitrant organic chemicals ... The TerraTherm technology is very innovative and has a high probability of success to reduce contaminant source zone mass, toxicity and mobility. TerraTherm personnel are very creative in applying innovative solutions and delivering those projects safely, on time, and within budget."

-Russ Downey, Major Pharmaceutical Firm

"I wanted to write to thank you and the rest of the TerraTherm team for your work on this important project. Your company was a pleasure to deal with. You clearly understand your business and the application of the thermal technology to the remediation of chlorinated organic compounds. I found your company to be thoughtful, responsive and capable. The objectives for the project were clearly defined at the outset, and contractually structured so everyone was clear on what was going to take place. The treatment objectives were successfully met within the time frame that was established at the beginning of the project. I found Ken Parker to be a pleasure to work with, as was the rest of your staff that I had the opportunity to interact with."

-Steven E. Campbell, Senior Vice President Head of Global Environmental, Engineering, and Sustainability, Prologis

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