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TerraTherm Awarded a 2006 Business Achievement Award by the Environmental Business Journal

January 2007

TerraTherm, Inc. was awarded a 2006 Business Achievement Award/Project Merit Award by the Environmental Business Journal (EBJ) for the successful completion of a large in situ thermal remediation project at a wood treatment site. The 2006 awards will be presented at EBJ's 5th annual Environmental Industry Summit in Coronado, California on February 28, 2007.

EBJ awarded TerraTherm a Project Merit Award for:

Completing the largest in situ thermal remediation project at a wood treatment site to residential cleanup standards. The site was a former utility pole treatment facility operated by Southern California Edison (SCE) 1922 to 1957. The achievement of stringent remedial goals means that the property is not subject to land use restrictions, allowing for all redevelopment opportunities, including residential housing. Unrestricted residential land use at a facility of this type had never previously been achieved with an in situ remediation method, according to TerraTherm. The only other remediation alternative deemed capable of achieving the unrestricted land use requirement was soil excavation followed by off-site incineration. A feasibility study led to the selection of TerraTherm's ISTD technology, which utilizes the simultaneous application of thermal conduction heating and vacuum to treat contaminated soil without excavation. The applied heat volatilizes organic contaminants within the soil, enabling them to be carried in the vapor stream toward heater-vacuum wells. By using the ISTD technology rather than excavation, the client saved approximately $12 million. Approximately 16,500 cubic yards of predominantly silty soil was treated to a maximum depth of 105 feet.


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TerraTherm, Inc. is a worldwide leader in the development and implementation of in situ thermal remediation of source zones and hazardous waste. We design, build and operate projects from concept to closure, using Thermal Conduction Heating (TCH), Steam Enhanced Extraction (SEE) and Electrical Resistance Heating (ERH). With offices in Fitchburg, MA, Keene, CA, and Atlanta, GA, and licensees such as Kruger A/S (Denmark and Sweden), AIG Engineering, Ltd. (UK), and SheGoTec (Japan), we offer services worldwide. For more information, visit

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